Thursday, February 21, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Woo Hoo!!! My new levers finally arrived. I love ebay, but let's face it at the end of the day it's a slow way to shop. But sometimes you have damn little choice. My levers were just such a case.
I used to work the parts counter for a local Harley dealership where I absolutely fell in love with the Silhouette Levers by KuryAkyn. They're in the shape of a nude females silhouette and chromed. I think they're the coolest, but they are also discontinued. So the only way I could get them was either second hand or overstock. Hello Ebay.
Now I did get a great deal on the levers, but as always when buying online, buyer beware. I lucked out. All I lost out on was time waiting for them to arrive. Took a week, but I got them in todays mail. Brand new, still in the package. I can't wait to put them on Kate & see how she looks.
Yes, I named my Harley Kate... After Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hepburn, Katie Heigl, Cate Blanchet, Kate Winslet... get the picture? Most of my crushes throughout my life have been named Kate. In fact, like most couples, my wife and I have agreed to an amicable free pass each. If Steven Tyler ever tries to hit on her she has my permission to take him up on it. In return if Kate Beckinsale ever decides to slum it with a Long Haired Biker and gives me the chance We're on!
Ooops, I got off topic.... Sorry.
Oh, I did get to take a little ride today when the rain took a break. I only went a couple of blocks to pick my son up from school, but we took the long way home to make up for it. All in all I put about five more miles on her, but it did a world of good for my mood. I'm almost human again...
Until tomorrow.


Becky said...

Pretty fancy schmancy. Glad you got out for the short ride. It's great for the mental health.


Anonymous said...

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