Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's new?

I just realized that I haven't posted on here for two-months. It's funny how caught up I can get in the day to day grind and I lose track of what makes me tick... So, I'll try to fill ya'all in on what has happened & then I'll start working on some of the posts I've been promising...
I got a lot of work done on Kate this summer... & I have a lot to go.
As I told you, I had the intake & exhaust done at the 15k service Holy Hell did that ever help. She Sounds like a Harley is supposed to, finally! And As you can tell, She looks just a little darker, too... This is just the tip of the iceberg. I really can't wait. I have a bit more planned for the 20k service time. So keep watch, you'll be seeing all the changes as they come about.
In the near future, you will be seeing some changes happening to the blog, as well. I'm going to post a new link section for you to use when looking for Biker related products & services. The new section will be called "Rider Resources" In this section I will post links to businesses that offer everything from Accessories to gear to parts and some just for fun. Some of the businesses will be advertising on my site, others will be some that I personally believe in. One thing will stand true to all of them. If you ever have a negative experience with a business you find on Adventures in Chrome, I want to hear about it. I go out of my way to offer a top notch blog to my readers & I will not host any business that won't go out of it's way to make sure their customers are fully satisfied.
With that having been said, I'm starting the new section today with a link to
My contact with the company so far has been limited, but their representative Had this to say about the company...
Riders Discount is one of the nations largest distributors of motorcycle parts, apparel, and accessories as well as an international company, shipping to all but a few countries. We carry many brands and products to accommodate the majority of the riders out there. As we speak we are adding an additional 200 brands to the website including tires, exhausts, and all the way to small parts like spark plugs. In addition, our staff comes from a wide background ranging from Harley riders to Ducati racers allowing the best service available in both fields and any riding in between. We also offer expert sizing experience, Lowest price guaranteed, and risk free exchanges.
In addition to that, They're offering you up to 35% off on purchases when you tell them you found them through Adventures In Chrome. You'll have to Call the toll free number and ask them for the pricing, though, They can't post it because of deals with their suppliers.
Stop by, Have a look, and please let me know how your experience goes.
That's all for now, Ya'all have a good one & I'll be posting again, soon.
Ride Safe and I'll Catch you on the road...