Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunny Days and Mondays

Finally! Today, the rain cleared out and bright sunny skies settled in. I woke up this morning intent on going to do some training for my career, seeing the sunshine before I left had me thinking about leaving early to get some riding in before dark hit, but that soon became a non issue. Right before I walked out the door I was informed that the furnace repairman was coming. (Yes, I know, that is my line of work, but it's under warranty) So I had to be here to meet him.
Something about that completely threw off my calendar, because when he finally left I took off on my ride. I wanted to got o the dealership where I used to work to check on a few things for Kate. Why I didn't remember that they're closed on Monday? I couldn't tell you. But I did get hungry on the ride. So I went home to my sandwich and started a movie.. I took the bike back out for a while to go get my kids from school... one at a time of course. which works because they're in different schools and get out just far enough apart for me to drop the youngest off and go get the oldest without him walking too far.
Maybe I'll see if I can get back out later... If not, maybe tomorrow. Damn it was pretty...Doesn't the world seem clearer after a few days of rain? Or maybe it just looks better after a bit of a ride.

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