Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random Reflections and Ramblings

OK, I want to try to catch up a little on things I should have posted already.

First off. I made a comment in This Post about attending a casting session for Harley's 2009 motorcycle Catalog. I was eventually chosen and went on the shoot. I have been waiting to write a post in part on getting permission from Harley to post Photos from the shoot and to post some straight out of the catalog.
I've gotten that taken care of and I'm now working on writing it up. It's taking a while because it's been a while & I want to make sure I remember correctly and write it up fairly thoroughly.

Second, although I live in an area that has a perpetual riding season, depending on the rider, and I like to think I'm more than an average rider, I also don't feel a need to prove myself. My job & work schedule has me starting well before the sun begins to warm us up, and I usually work outdoors. So If it's below 60 when I leave my house I'm probably going to drive my truck.

Third, I received an invitation from Harley-Davidson to attend the premiere of the Bikes, Camera, Action winning film on Dec. 11. I did go & had an absolute blast, however, I live 100 miles south of Hollywood and had to work the day of the premiere. By the time I left my house traffic had already began on the 5 and it took me well more than the hour & 45 minutes that Mapquest told me to expect. We left the house almost 3 hours before the premiere began & were still over an hour late getting there. When we finally did arrive, We were in such a hurry to get in that we forgot the camera in the car.
I'll be writing that up more completely at another time. I'm still waiting to see if I get pics that were taken by a friend I ran into there.
And finally...
Is your first ride of the year EVER long enough? My wife & I went out on the bike on New Years Day (It's becoming a tradition) but due to the weather we only went to the mall & a couple of stores. It was all together about 30 minutes on the road & my wife was already ready to go home. I suppose I could have dropped her & went alone, but I've been in the doghouse enough lately, so...
All I can think about is going out & riding. I don't usually ride with other people, I like to go where I want and I have a tendency to change destinations in the middle of a ride, but I'm starting to wish I had someone to ride with. I have a couple of friends back East that would be more than game if they were around, but the commute is just not reasonable. I think it may be time to start looking for sponsored rides again.
A friend of mine, Bill Davis, Is working with/leading a charity called, "Ride for the Heart". I posted their schedule last year and will again this year. I just received it by email, but their website isn't current yet. I'll post it when the link will get you to a current page... Anyway... I'd love to go on their rides, but they're almost always longer than I can get away for and they usually go farther than my wife will even consider. However if you have the time, and the will and can make the trip, check them out. Every thing they do is with the greatest intentions and for a wonderful cause.
well, I guess that's enough random rambling for one day. I hope you're all having a good weekend I'm gonna go watch the rain.
Ride safe & I'll catch you on the road...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! ! !

I just wanted to pop in & wish you all a Happy 2009!
I hope you all find Happiness in everything you do.
Ride Safe, I'll catch you on the road.