Saturday, February 23, 2008

A correction

Well, That was fast. I've only been actively posting for a few days and I've already made my first error. You see when I worked the Harley shop, I found out that people in that business lie. I don't think it's meant to be malicious or anything, but if they don't know the answer for sure, they'll tell you whatever they think sounds good. It makes them look like more of an authority on Harleys than they really are(when they're right). Actually that's how I chose my mechanic. In the entire time I worked at the shop there was only one wrench that would look at the books to find the answer to any question they didn't know the answer to. She is the only one (besides me) who gets to touch Kate.
Ooops, got off track again.
The reason I'm posting this is that I asked everyone in town about my levers prior to buying them from Ebay... I should have just looked them up on the KuryAkyn website, I told you all they were discontinued because I was told repeatedly that they were. Alas they are on the KuryAkyn website as a current Item. For this misinformation you have my complete apology, I will try very hard to be accurate in my reporting. and every time I find a discrepancy you will get a notice of it, right here in my own hand. I take full responsibility for what I write here.
Thank you


One Harley Rider said...

Ride Safe, try not to stare at the levers while on the road.

Becky said...

Mistakes happen. At least you corrected it. Sometimes we are misinformed; helps to check for yourself.....I hope you enjoy those levers!