Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harley's "Build It To Win it" Sweepstakes

Hey Ya'all !
I'm a little late in posting this one, But in case you haven't heard, Harley has a new promotion going. In the “Build It to and Win It” sweepstakes, contestants can customize a Harley-Davidson 2009 model and enter it to win the bike they designed. Using the Genuine Motor Accessories Customizer, Anyone can choose a Harley-Davidson model and then select from hundreds of custom options, including Color Shop custom paint sets, Screamin’ Eagle performance components, hand and foot controls, custom front end parts and decorative collections, and place them on a virtual motorcycle. As the bike is created, each new component appears on a picture of the virtual motorcycle, so a customizer can see exactly what the finished custom Harley-Davidson will look like. After customizing, the bikes can then be saved in a personal profile “Garage,” along with a convenient, printable list of each component with its part number and price.

A contestant can customize, save and enter up to ten 2009 models between Oct. 15 - Nov. 6 and each will be entered to win. Representatives from the company will randomly select one bike, which will be awarded to the Grand Prize winner after the Nov. 6 deadline.
SO, Now I'm off to the customizer... I'm thinking "Night Glide"!
Hope you're all well & ride ready!
Catch you on the Road


mrs rc said...

Camron!!! Where have you been? It's been eons! Glad you are back.

I've been to the Customizer ans submitted 3 bikes so far--Street Glide, Night Train, and Low Rider. I figure I'll have some free time on Tuesday (my school is closed for the elections), so maybe I'll design some more.

One Harley Rider said...

Camron - Thanks for the post, I will do this during the weekend. I am itching for a 3rd bike anyway. Welcome back.

~Motormama~ said...

Wow, that'd be awesome!
Hell, I'd just settle for some more customizations on the Sportster I've GOT! lol ;)

Anonymous said...

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