Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harley Davidson & Adventures In Chrome

Hey folks! I know, It's been a while.... I'm sorry, Life gets in the way some times, and if I have to choose between riding & writing about riding, I'm goin' for a ride!
That having been said, I will return with the rest of the details about my ride this summer as well as details on another event from this year, but I still have to clear some hurdles before I can share that.
What I do want to share right now is that I'm working on a relationship with Harley that will benefit all who are truly into the Bikes and the Company, This will include Company released information brought directly to riders. How cool is that? Hmmm Maybe I should ask about some gear, maybe some new upgrades for Kate in exchange for road reviews? I'd be more than happy to try out, say a high back King & Queen seat for the Softail Custom, just saying...
Seriously Folks, I'm not sure yet, myself, exactly what all this new relationship will entail, but I will say that its starting off on the right foot... or feet, or more specifically legs. Yeah, Marisa Miller's Legs to be perfectly clear.
Marisa will evidently be the poster girl for the V-rod Muscle. Now you all know The V-rod is not my favorite ( Water-cooled?) but I don't judge and I have noticed that the line is developing quite the dedicated following. And Now they bring Marisa into the Mix. Hmmm. I think they just got another follower. Here's a little tidbit from behind the scenes, and you can see for yourself...

Now the only thing I can see that's wrong with that girl is that she Told us about her family members who ride, but she never said she did.

Hey, Marisa, I bet we could find some volunteers to teach you.

Hey, Does anyone know the name of that song? I want that for my iPod.

I'll be back soon, Keep the shiny side up & I'll catch you on the road


Becky said...

Glad to see you are back! As far as Marisa goes, she's just another blonde bimbo who doesn't ride, obviously. Just my opinion.(claws are out, rrrrooowwww)Not jealous though, they're a dime a dozen. Too bad Harley can't get a real woman who rides.....


Big Daddy said...

Welcome back!
I get the riding vs writing.
I have a story I'm writing that I'm posting a few chapters at a time.....If I didn't have such fervent fans I'd stop for a while and be riding more. we are heading into our best season here in AZ. All I want to do is kick back and cruise.

Webster World said...

Oh I'll bet she rides just fine.

FLHX_Dave said...

Glad to see you back!

Camron said...

Thank you all For the welcome back, but I was never really gone. I just went for a ride... That's all. Glad to see you remember me!

Becky : Easy girl... For all we know she may be a brain surgeon in her spare time. I'm sure she'll enjoy riding whether on the front of the bike, the back of the bike, or otherwise... Although you've given me a great idea for a post...

Big Daddy: Thank you, and do everyone a favor, don't try to write WHILE riding... Nothing good will come out of that, I can tell you! lol
Ya'all enjoy that weather. I sure did Love that beautiful state of yours on my trip this summer!

Webster, That's what they say about V-rods, too, but I won't believe it till I ride one for myself!

Dave: Me, too, I've been lurking here & there, Just not enough time in the day to write... I think I've solved that problem, at least for a while.

Everyone have a wonderful Day & I'll see you soon
Catch you on the Road!

mrs rc said...

Good to see you back! We've been wondering what happened to you

Big Daddy said...

A relationship with the company?
You lucky SOB.;]
Perhaps you can put a bug in somones ear over there.
I have seen the release of several world traveler videos...Globetrotter,The long way home etc....
None of them are on Harleys. Hell, none of them are even on American bikes.
Harley should sponsor a trip like these.
I'll even volunteer to do it.
This sounds like a wishful Joke...But I am serious.
A trip like that would take time away from family and freinds etc..
And potential danger in foreign countries politics, medical etc.
But as a red blooded American biker We need to
And with this economy It sure won't hurt Harleys Image.
A Sporty and a Glide and maybe even a V-rod.
Talk about backing up the badass image!!

Ann said...

Easy, there Big D! No world tours for you. :)

And I'm not surprised at HD for picking Marisa for their ads, but I think they should've used a real woman. You know, someone with some actual curves.

Glad you're back. I was wondering if there was some catastrophe keeping you from your blog!

One Harley Rider said...

Welcome back to the cyber world.

Robin said...
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Camron said...

Hey Folks, Just a quick note that I will follow up on in the near future.
If you have a product or service that you would like to see promoted on this site, Please feel free to email me about it. If I like your product I'll more than likely share the info but I absolutely will not tolerate spamming my comment box about anything. I try to have an open mind about different things, but I won't put up with spammers.
To the rest of you, thanks for showing your interest.

Mrs. Road Captain: Thank you, but I maintain I was never really gone... Just out for a ride

Big Daddy: Hell Yeah!! I think that would make a helluva documentary! get a group of real riders together & turn us loose on the world on our bikes & catalog our collective experiences...
(Notice how I put myself in there)
I really think our first tour would have to be here in the states, but after that the world is fair game. Awesome thought... Thanks for sharing

Ann: I'm thinking in the near future I may be posting to ask for Photos of real women & The Harleys they love. I'm sure we can provide the company with several examples, and probably a few that would rival their choice of Marisa Miller. And Believe me, I know real Women have curves. I'm quite impressed by women that look like they grew up...
Nope, No catastrophe. Just not enough time.

One Harley Rider: Thank you, Sir. I'm glad you still stop by

Gotta run folks, maybe I can post again this weekend. Ya ready for day two of my trip?
Catch you on the road

agirlwithacomputer said...
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KT Did said...

Marissa is a beautiful woman. I give her that. Its really not her fault that dealers and bike builders want her body on a bike instead of some other woman's body on bike that REALLY rides. They actually paid for her to do that too. That's the crime here. Women riders are completely turned off by the models who don't ride representing women riders. I know men like it... but really guys... do you really want your girl to be riding a bike looking that that? Not properly geared up or protected? Nope, don't think so... you want her safe--in particular if she looks like Marissa--you don't want other guys slobbering all over her either.
Just my opinion.
Ride safe. Gear up ladies.

~Motormama~ said...

Congratulations on the gig with THE company! woo hoo for you!! =)