Saturday, April 19, 2008

55 Degrees of Seperation

As you're probably realizing by now, I lead a very busy life. I have a full time job (that I'm actually working at again), I am going to college (perpetually chasing a better life. Hey, you're never too old to learn, right?), and I'm trying like hell to raise two boys in a positive lifestyle. Add to that, my wife wants to spend time with me for some reason (What's She thinking?). Just for the record, I bitch & whine about her a lot but it really says something that she's put up with all of my antics & shit for as long as she has. I should give her more credit for that.
ANYWAY, (sorry, I got off topic). The fact is, I usually only get time to myself for things like, oh, I don't know, Say, riding a Harley or writing a blog, for instance, Late at night or early in the morning, when everyone else is asleep. Sometimes my schedule gets even worse and it will take me some time to get back. Don't think I've forgotten ya'all, ok?

For these same reasons I try to combine things I have to do with things I want to do. It may be the only way to do what I want. For instance, I HAVE to go to work... at least until my career as a lottery winner takes off. I WANT to ride...(almost) anytime, anywhere., so when I got Kate, I bought saddlebags so I can haul my tools & stuff for work. Now I ride to work. This actually works out very well. Except this last week.
I was working at a Casino on a Native American reservation about 50 miles from my house. Every morning before work I get up & get online to check the weather at the job site. Monday through Wednesday, It looked very cold at that time of the morning, so I drove the car. When I got to work it felt much warmer than the temperature said it was and I ended up regretting not riding. Finally, on Thursday I looked at the temps. It said that at that zip code the temp was 54 degrees. NO PROBLEM!

Yeah, right.
The casino I work at is at the bottom of a canyon. That 54 degrees... yeah, that was at the top of the mountain. Had I looked at a few of the surrounding localities I would have found that the actual temperature at work was 37 bone chilling, finger frosting degrees. Holy Hell, I thought my fingers were going to fall off. It was about an hour after I got there before I could pick up my tools with any dexterity.
Granted, the temperature raised significantly before the day was done, to a high of about 92 degrees. Which provided a new problem.

Working in the desert, I filled the free space in my saddlebag with a small lunch (A protein bar & a banana), and bottled water. I did not save room for my vest, and if I had, I wouldn't have had room for my leather jacket for the ride home. So, for the ride home I went to the opposite extreme and wore my leather jacket, with the vents open (I'm not STUPID) and the sleeves sticking to my arms from the mixture of sweat & sunscreen (I think I've discovered the formula for superglue!).
But, you know what? I loved every second of the ride, both ways. There are very few things that can take a person's mind off of southern California traffic, But the ride, combined with the pinpoint focus brought on by extreme temperatures managed to make the traffic disappear. Although on the ride home, I saw something that set my mind to wandering, So, I had to share.
Vacation Anyone?

Please forgive the picture quality, I took this with my cell phone & I couldn't really see the screen due to the glare of the sunlight.
This place is just about a
mile down the road from th Casino.
And, For the record, No, I did not climb the wall to look inside. (I've already been asked). I would be afraid to. I know the thoughts that come to mind feature beautiful young naked women playing volleyball (or tennis according to the sign... Hmmm. Don't trip...) but the fantasy is probably better than the actuality, so, I'll just hang on to the mental images & not take the risk.
What do you think?

Oh, and for the record, I drove the car on Friday... I'll make it up to Kate by giving her a bath & taking her for a ride to buy a new cover... Does anyone else ever feel guilty for not riding or taking care of their bike as often as they should?


Steve Johnson said...

I don't feel guilty about it. My bikes are always on the dirty side. I do clean them, just not that often. I think I've seen that nudist place before, off of Harbison Canyon?

Anonymous said...

Guilty? YES! I did however get mine washed and waxed, I think I heard her sigh with content. I ride to work once in a while but my problem with that is, I only work 3 minutes from home so it is more of a tease and I am afraid I will not go to work but instead, keep riding!

You are right about what may be over that wall! The truth is more likely people that you with you had not seen!


FLHX_Dave said...

Some things are best left as a fantasy my friend. Stay outside the gates and it will stay just as you imagined. One of my most cherished rides was in Decemeber riding over the grapevine from San Clemente to Monterey at 1am. I finally saw the "black dog" and my speech was impaired for a day afterwards. I'll never do it again without better gear. I thought I was a badass until that night, then I just saw myself as a nut. fun anyhow looking back.

Lady Ridesalot said...

There's nothing more worrisome than wondering if your fingers can still squeeze the clutch when they feel frozen to the grips! If I can keep my hands warm, I can usually handle anything else being cold. I'm pretty particular about wearing gloves all year, so I have about three pair of different thicknesses. Even during the summer, my knuckle gloves keep my hands from slipping on my grips.

The scary thing about that vacation location... it said "Family"! That's sure give the children an education, or for lack of a better word, traumatism! Lady R

"Joker" said...

I'm with Dave, stick with the fantasy. Reality probably looks like ricotta cheese in a plastic bag from the back, and the front....eeeew. Let's just say I have nightmare images of something resembling a roast beef and a brown wig being run through a wood chipper.

As far as the icy fingers go, years of working construction jobs and riding a bike in New England is all I have to say about that. If you can't afford heated grips, go to Walmart and buy some of those little hunter's instant heat packs & stick 'em in your gloves. They really work good.

The Gray Lady looks like she just rolled out of the showroom and I'm happy about it. I love chrome and I clean her constantly. I'm partly anal retentive, and also just damned proud I have a nice bike. People keep asking me if she's new - it's a great feeling.

El Wray said...

Hey there!

I apologize for not stopping by sooner to say hello after you commented on my blog.

Yesterday, I went to the local Harley dealer and sat on one for the first time. WOW. No question about it -- I can't possibly get anything but a Harley Davidson now.

Hopefully by next month, I'll be able to make posts similar to yours about great experiences on my motorcycle!

Ann said...

Here in AZ we have those weather extremes in the spring...45-50 degrees in the early a.m. and then about 100 in the afternoons. Not too much fun!

Regarding the nudist camp...Just an FYI...the people there are usually around your grandparents' age...not very pretty.

One Harley Rider said...

Back from China - catching up - Cold is Cold - no matter what the temp at Wind Chill it is even colder. I still live between Carolina (Weekends) and OHIO (workdays) 46 degrees is the coldest I will willingly ride in! At that temp my fingertips cant take it.

FLHX_Dave said...

Where are you bro!!!!

"Joker" said...

Hey! You doing six ten's or twelves at that casino? Everything alright? Your blog brothers miss ya!

Camron said...

SOrry Everybody! I'm just busier than a Three-Petered Billy Goat!. It's getting near the end of the semester & I'm working on Keeping my GPA up for graduation, plus I'm working again & my oldest kids has some Extra-curriculars going on. Long story short... I miss ya'all, but it may be a while before I get to post anything substantial.
I hope everyone is doing well & riding safge.
Catch you on the road...

steve johnson said...

Hey Camron, looks like Biggs HD is having a bike night at the Oceanside Hooters on the third Thursday of the month (may 15), 6:30pm. How about I buy you a beer there?

Anonymous said...
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