Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Ah yes, a grand and beautiful day, indeed. I got up early, today, to go for a ride up north to see some old friends from my days on the Dealership parts counter. I had wanted to visit the shops where they work (Capistrano & O. C.) but hadn't had a chance. I decided today was the day. Great decision!
I decided to go to Orange County Harley first, because it's farther away. When I got on the 5N I saw something I've never seen before. The Mountains on Camp Pendleton, they were green. Not Brown, not Red, Not even burnt black... Green, With some spots of yellow for decoration. Wow. Spring is here, and life is in bloom. Add that to the beautiful sunshine, sapphire waters, and perfect temps. This was a perfect riding day!
When I got to O.C. Harley, I found out they were casting for the catalog Photo Shoot, so, Why not... I signed up. I'll find out about that sometime next week. 5 minutes and 4 photos later & I was just shopping & browsing like everyone else. I asked about my friend, but he was working out of the store, today. Damn... I'll have to go back another time... (Pity me yet?)
I had an interesting encounter while I was there, though. There was a bike on the showroom floor that confused me. It had the tank from a Softail custom, but a silver engine & very little chrome like a Softail Standard. I asked one of the salesmen about it & he insisted it was a bone stock Softail standard. I pointed out to him that it had a Softail Custom Gas tank, & He informed me, "No, no, That's factory standard". OK, I resigned myself... he must be new. I tried one more time, explaining to him the difference. He decided that it must be a factory mistake... On a Harley? Okay, if you say so... He did, he swears it happens all the time.
On the way home I stopped at Capistrano & My other friend was there. Hey, If you're in the area & Looking to buy a Hog, Go to Capistrano & ask for Jerry. He's a helluva guy. He's straight forward and he knows Harleys. You can tell him I sent you, but don't expect a discount...
So After a few minutes of BS ing with him, I headed home for lunch before going out to shoot some pool with the wife & kids. This is our favorite family outing these days, but I still wanted to ride some more today.
Well, life kept getting in the way, until close to sunset. I told my wife I wanted to take Kate to the beach & get some pics of her as the sun went down into the horizon. So, she went with me. We got there just as the sun was about to touch the water and, sure as hell, not ONE PARKING PLACE! I had no where to get good shots from. So we sat on the bike in the middle of the parking lot and watched the sunset. Oh, Fuck it, let's go rent a movie to watch with the boys.
I guess we'll try again tomorrow. My youngest son & I are going for a ride anyway... Maybe Ramona?
Ride Safe!


Steve Johnson said...

We saw some great splashes of orange, yellow and purple along the hills and mountains of the Antelope Valley, and San Gabriel mountains today. And something else you can get from inside of a car, the smell of wildflowers.

Rick said...

I think everyone rode on saturday but me!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds like Saturday was a great riding day for many of us. I'm sorry you couldn't capture your sunset moment on film, but it sounds like you and your wife still enjoyed the experience of it. Ride on. Lady R

One Harley Rider said...

snow, snow, snow. No riding here for me, guess I just will have to read about others riding.

Anonymous said...

I guess I LIVE IN THE WRONG PART OF THE COUNTRY!!!! Mountains, beach, beautiful sunset. I'm not sure if I should hate you or envy you. My sad, lonely Harley still sits in the garage and waits for me.

"Joker" said...

Sounds like a scene from a movie! What a great way to end the day, and how lucky you are to have someone who can watch the boys so you and the Mrs. can take Kate out.

That's a weird story about that Softail. When I asked about seeing all of Kate in your prior post, I could tell by looking at your tank it was a Custom, that's why I asked. As you say, the factory doesn't just do that "by mistake." If you ever find out the answer to that one I'd like to know.

Ride safe!

Myself... said...

Sounds like such a great riding day. I can't wait to get back to Cali and see the mountains on Pendleton.. my husband and I have been wanting to go to the Capistrano Harley store, so I'll be sure to stop there when he gets home.